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Cryopak is a complete cold chain packaging solutions provider specializing in the field of temperature-controlled packaging. From needs assessment to package qualification, Cryopak handles your packaging projects with one paramount goal: Maintaining the integrity of your products. Our materials and processes cover the spectrum from converting EPS or fabricating boxes to manufacturing phase change materials and temperature monitors.

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Non-Temperature Hazards in Distribution

By |Jun 6, 2016|Blog English, News English|

When designing or selecting a package to ship temperature-sensitive goods, it is far too easy to focus directly on the temperature control issues and ignore other sources of potential product damage. The distribution environment includes [...]

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Steps to a Successful Lane Mapping Study

By |May 2, 2016|Blog English, News English|

In a lane mapping, temperature recorders are shipped out either with live product shipments or through similar logistics methods to measure the temperatures that the package is exposed to during transit. The historical temperature data [...]

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How Many Gel Packs Do I Need?

By |Apr 4, 2016|Blog English, News English|

This is probably the most frequently asked question that we hear from people new to the cold chain industry who need to ship their first product with temperature control. It is also a question that [...]