History of Cryopak

1990 – C&C Manufacturing is formed in Dunellen, NJ, and begins operating under the name of its acquired company, Reliable Plastics.

1996 – TCP Reliable, Inc. is formed, and becomes the holding company of C&C and its entities. C&C is renamed TCP Reliable Manufacturing, Inc., and the Reliable Plastics brand is collapsed. TCP moves to Edison, NJ.

2006 – TCP acquires Cryopak Industries and begins marketing all cold chain products under the Cryopak brand.

2007 – TCP opens its second Cryopak manufacturing facility in Monticello, AR. TCP purchases DDL, a medical device testing company headquartered in Eden Prairie, MN with an additional location (DDL West) in Costa Mesa, CA.

2008 – TCP opens its first European Cryopak facility in Maromme, France. TCP purchases NexKemia Petrochemicals, a provider of raw materials for custom expandable polystyrene resins (EPS).

2009 – TCP acquires ATP, a Canadian temperature monitoring software and equipment and regulatory compliance consulting services company. DDL West moves to its current location in Fountain Valley, CA. DDL opens a testing laboratory at the TCP/Cryopak headquarters in Edison under the name DDL East.

2011 – TCP purchases Escort Data Loggers, a US manufacturer of cold chain data loggers. All temperature monitors are marketed under the new name Escort Verification Technologies, collapsing the ATP brand.

2013 – DDL East falls into the Cryopak brand and begins operating as the Cryopak Testing Center. Escort Verification Technologies is renamed Cryopak Verification Technologies.

2016 – TCP purchases the assets of contract manufacturing organization LaunchWorks Manufacturing Lab from ArcherDX. LaunchWorks operations remain at its location in Beverly, MA.

2020 – TCP Reliable is rebranded Integreon Global.