Cryopak and its sister companies (DDL, LaunchWorks and Nexkemia) currently operate out of several locations within the United States, Canada and France. Each location has key functions and capabilities to fully meet the needs of our customers.

United States

Cryopak Headquarters

Cryopak Headquarters are in Edison, New Jersey. This complex incorporates 70,000 square feet of state-of-the-art design, manufacturing, testing and office space. Our Edison facility is convenient to major transportation hubs amid the largest concentration of major pharmaceutical companies. These centralized resources streamline customer turnaround time on sensitive projects. Both locations of our sister company, DDL, are in the US.

New Jersey

Cryopak Global Headquarters
551 Raritan Center Parkway
Edison, NJ 08837
Phone: 732-346-9200
Fax: 732-346-0295


5545 Latham Street
Suite 7
Phoenix, AZ 85043


9525 Berger Road, Suite C
Columbia, MD 21046
Phone: 410-0910-8370