BOXEDin v2

September 23, 2021 – Edison, NJ – Cryopak, a leader in temperature assurance packaging and temperature monitoring devices, is introducing this unique entry to address the need to ship high value biologics for a longer-range profile duration (qualified for up to 96 hours). BOXEDin utilizes a box-in-box concept.

This new line of pre-qualified EPS shippers provides outstanding thermal insulation, making it an ideal choice for protecting temperature-sensitive biologic shipments from environmental hazards. A unique two-tier solution offers an extra layer of protection to provide the peace of mind and security that is needed to ensure the shipper’s payload arrives at the correct temperature.

“We expect BOXEDin to fill a niche market in the Biopharmaceutical industry that is not immune from seeing their shipments delayed due to issues related to the pandemic. The 96-hour profile and durable packaging offers a potent combination of protection that is something that our team has been working hard to develop,” said Brent Begley, Vice President of Sales at Cryopak. “I continue to be impressed with our company’s ability to develop qualified products that offer advanced capabilities yet are priced competitively.”


About Cryopak

Cryopak, a subsidiary of Integreon Global, manufactures technologies for temperature-sensitive shipping needs, including insulated shipping containers, gel packs, phase change materials and temperature monitoring devices. Cryopak’s primary goal is to protect the integrity of its customers’ products. Serving companies in the pharmaceutical, life science, biotech, food, and electronics industries, Cryopak has locations throughout the United States, Canada, and France to serve clients across the globe.

About Integreon Global

Founded in 1990, Integreon is a complete packaging solutions provider dedicated to providing goods and services to maintain the integrity of our clients’ products. Our team includes a full complement of engineers, designers, and manufacturing specialists with the collective skills, gathered in one close-knit organization, to assure easy access to leading experts.

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