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Cryopak is proud to be announced as the winner of the 2021 Asia Pacific Vaccine Excellence Awards for “Vaccine Excellence in Temperature Control Packaging”.

When the COVID-19 vaccine was introduced, we knew we had an important part to play in ensuring that this vital medicine would reach people all over the world safely and effectively. We are proud that our efforts have helped keep others safe and healthy in the wake of the pandemic.

We would like to thank AVEA for this honor, and all the world leading pharmaceutical companies, countries, and government agencies we worked with to make this accomplishment possible. We pledge to continue providing the same level of excellence in the future, ensuring the safe transport of all vaccines and medicines, throughout our global facilities network, with a high emphasis on temperature monitoring and sustainable cold chain packaging solutions, and in return reducing our global carbon footprint.

Below is a link to the video of the awards ceremony.

The category announcement starts at the 5:46 minute mark.
European General Manager, William Boulay’s acceptance starts at the 6:48 mark.


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