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Distribution Simulation Testing

The Cryopak Testing Center offers a wide array of testing procedures designed to ensure the viability of the product during actual shipping conditions. Through laboratory simulations that subject both the package and the product to expected hazards, our expert team can determine the probability of safe delivery to the end user. We regularly perform both customer derived and industry standard test procedures, including:

  • Compression Strength: Simulates compressive forces a shipping unit might experience during various stages of distribution to see how the package and/or product responds
  • Manual Handling: Simulates drops from specified heights
  • Mechanical Handling: Simulates a truck or forklift in motion
  • Warehouse Stacking: Simulates compressive loads being applied to the shipping unit
  • Vehicle Vibration: Simulates vertical vibration during transportation in a truck
  • Loose Load Vibration:  Simulates repetitive shock on the shipping unit
  • Environmental Conditioning: Simulates the changing temperatures and humidity that the shipping unit will be exposed to during transit
  • Concentrated Impact: Simulates low-level impacts that the shipping unity will be subjected to during sorting and transit
  • Low Pressure, High Altitude: Simulates the reduction of pressure when a shipping unit is transported by aircraft

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