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Package Integrity Testing

Package integrity testing provides vital information used in determining the ability of the package to maintain the sterility and shelf life of the product. The Cryopak Testing Center offers various tests that expose the package to mechanical and environmental hazards to quantify the package’s performance:

  • Bubble Leak Testing: Uses water submersion and air pressure to test for bubbles, which indicate a leak
  • Dye Penetration Testing: A high precision test method that is used for locating package seal defects
  • Real Time Aging Testing: Determines a product’s shelf life or lifespan
  • Accelerated Aging: Uses heightened conditioning of heat and humidity to speed up the normal aging process to help expedite a product to market while real time aging studies are being conducted
  • Vacuum Leak: Immerses the package in a liquid then draws a vacuum on it to see if it emits air bubbles
  • Visual Inspection: Reveals and documents failures along the package surface and seal
  • Rub Testing: Repetitively abrades an item to see if the label is damaged; determines if labels are readable after rough handling

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