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Package Strength Testing

Package strength testing prior to product release is integral to saving manufacturers both time and money. Through controlled simulations, Cryopak Testing Center’s certified packaging engineers can ensure that the quality of a package’s content remains uncompromised. Cryopak conducts the following package strength tests:

  • Seal Strength (Tensile): Measures the strength of seals in flexible barrier materials
  • Burst Strength: Determines the ability of packages to withstand internal pressurization; the internal pressure is gradually increased until the package fails, and the peak value is recorded
  • Vacuum: Exposes the package to very low air pressure to see if it bursts
  • Peel Adhesion (Tensile): Tests the strength of pressure sensitive tape and provides data on its ability to withstand forces that might allow it to fail
  • Tear (Tensile): By pulling on an item, measures the force it is able to withstand and how much, if any, that it stretches in the process

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