CRT Parcel Systems


TimeSaver™ Pre-Qualified Shipping Systems

CRT Series

The TimeSaver™ by Cryopak is a pre-qualified shipping system that preserves the integrity of your products. The CRT series protects products that must be shipped within a controlled room temperature (15-30°C temperature range) for up to 24 or 48 hours. These systems were designed and tested by our team of engineers according to the highest quality standards to provide you with the comfort in knowing that your shipment will remain uncompromised from the hazards of distribution.

As an off-the-shelf system, TimeSaver™ will save you both time and money from going through the process of package configuration development and performance testing. With your order, you will receive all the necessary components — insulated corrugate, payload container and refrigerants/phase change materials — as well as the abridged testing report, qualification certificate, and conditioning and packout instructions to ensure proper performance.

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