Reusable Parcel Systems


CryoCube™ Reusable Pre-Qualified Shipping Systems

The CryoCube™ series is Cryopak’s latest line of pre-qualified parcel solutions offering sustainability and high thermal performance. These innovative shipping containers are reusable and can hold temperature durations up to 36, 48, 72, 96, and 120+ hours.

Insulated with EPS, urethane or VIP, CryoCube™ includes options for both 2-8°C and CRT solutions. Our EPS and PIR (fabricated urethane) models use standard white corrugate as the external container, while the VIP models use the blue PCOR material and the PUR (molded urethane) uses a highly durable rotomolded container.

Qualified against some of the world’s most stringent temperature profiles, CryoCube™ is an ideal solution for your cold chain shipping needs.

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