Package Testing


Cryopak provides package testing services that evaluate the strength and integrity characteristics of a packaging system before and after simulating anticipated distribution and storage conditions that the system may undergo. This combination of simulation and evaluation is used by packaging professionals to validate package compliance with ASTM, ISO, ISTA and other accepted industry standards.

The purpose of package testing is to ensure that packages are able to withstand the typical events associated with distribution, handling and storage without defect and loss of sterility. It is the manufacturer’s responsibility to ensure the package’s ability to provide protection and maintain sterility throughout distribution, handling and storage. Companies throughout the world trust us to provide this critical testing for their package validation projects.

Cryopak partners with clients to provide technical expertise, readily available capacity and individualized testing services to meet each client’s unique testing needs.

Distribution Simulation

By simulating distribution hazards, we evaluate and document the package’s ability to protect the product against defect or loss of sterility throughout handling and distribution, as well as within the storage environment.

Package Integrity & Strength

Package strength relates to the force required to separate two components of the package, while package integrity determines the sterility and the shelf life of a product.

Thermal Package Performance

Thermal testing chambers are used to subject parcels and pallets to temperatures between -35°C to 65°C and relative humidity from 10% to 95% to simulate real world shipping conditions. Aside from environmental chamber testing, other thermal services include Temperature Profile Development, Temperature Mapping and Thermal Modeling/Finite Element Analysis (FEA).

Shelf Life

Accelerated aging and real-time aging studies are conducted to establish shelf life claims. Accelerated aging uses heightened conditioning of heat and humidity to speed up the normal aging process. Real-time aging is performed in parallel with accelerated aging in order to support and verify accelerated aging conclusions.

Visual Inspection

Trained Cryopak technicians will thoroughly examine your product looking for visible defects adhering to ASTM standards. This process is usually performed before and after testing sequences to establish the pre-test condition of the materials and then look for differences after the testing sequence is completed.

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