Mirador™ Real-Time Monitoring System

The Mirador™ real-time monitoring system tracks environmental conditions during all stages within the cold chain – production, storage and transportation. This secure solution is web-based, and can also be installed on a dedicated server or hosted remotely (SaaS). Since Mirador™ is multi-site configurable, it gives you the ability to remotely view your temperature and humidity environments from anywhere.

Compliant with regulatory requirements of the food, life science and healthcare industries, Mirador™ helps you achieve the standards you set for quality assurance within your organization as it pertains to maintaining the integrity of your products, and also gives you peace of mind in managing your cold chain.


  • 24/7 real-time monitoring of your temperature, humidity, differential pressure or other environmental conditions
  • Full secure access to data via internet and/or intranet
  • Fully compliant with the requirements of FDA code 21 CFR part 11, regarding electronic signatures and data security
  • Multi-site configurable
  • Excursion notifications via cell phone (text), email or pager to inform a supervisor of a problem that could result in a loss of products
  • 9 point NIST traceable calibration with certificate performed by trained personnel
  • Programmable up to 4 levels of alarm thresholds
  • Re-calibration exchange program