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Thermal Package Performance Testing

Cryopak Testing Center’s thermal testing chambers are able to accommodate projects ranging from small parcels to multiple large pallets. In order to simulate real world shipping conditions, these chambers are capable of subjecting test subjects to temperatures between -35°C to 65°C and relative humidity from 10% to 95%.

From the development phase to the execution of tests through the completion of final documentation, our staff regularly engages with the client to ensure that the test results meet or exceed all goals. Engineers provide comprehensive, industry compliant test reports that follow FDA guidelines and include such testing standards as ISTA 7D, ISTA 7E and ASTM D3103.

Beyond testing, Cryopak Test Center’s engineers are trained to offer thermal package design consultations. It is our standard practice to exceed expectations by providing multiple design options tailored to customer derived specifications. A combination of thermal modeling software that utilizes Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and real time thermal chamber testing results in faster, more efficient evaluations and shorter project timelines, trimming project costs.

Some of our thermal services include:

  • Temperature Profile Development
  • Environmental Chamber Testing
  • Temperature Mapping

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