Cryopak, a leader in temperature control packaging and temperature monitoring devices, is opening a new location.

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Edison, NJ – Cryopak Industries (dba TCP Reliable), a division of Integreon Global, is pleased to announce the opening of its newest facility in Atlanta to better meet the demand of its Southeast customers. This latest factory is located 20 minutes from the city’s center with a 60,000 square foot warehouse, a 6,000 square foot maintenance space, a 12,000 square foot office, and 47,000 remaining square feet available for future expansion.

Operations commenced in December 2021, and the Cryopak-purchased facility will manufacture Cryopak’s full line of products from refrigerants to various types of containers/insulation. Large investments are planned to make the facility truly unique.

The new facility is expected to become a main hub for Cryopak.

“Cryopak is thrilled to have opened a large production facility in Atlanta. Along with its sister site in Memphis, this facility will allow us to better serve the southeast market – from Kentucky to Florida – and allow for redundant manufacturing capabilities for both Food and Pharmaceutical grade product. We want to thank our customers and partners for their continuous support as we continue our expansion” stated Mark Barakat, general manager. “Engineering and Quality are hard at work in making this facility a true one-its-kind in the cold chain industry.”


About Cryopak

Cryopak, a subsidiary of Integreon Global, manufactures items for temperature-sensitive shipping needs, including insulated shipping containers, gel packs, phase change materials and temperature monitoring devices. We also offer package design and testing services in our ISTA-certified package testing lab through sister company, DDL. Our packaging engineers can help ensure that your products will arrive within the specified temperature range and undamaged from the hazards of distribution. With Cryopak, you can expect quality materials and superior service from an industry-leading team of experts whose primary goal is to protect the integrity of your products. Serving companies in the pharmaceutical, life science, biotech, food and electronics industries, our company is headquartered in Edison, New Jersey and Montreal, Quebec, Canada with locations throughout the United States, Canada, and France to serve clients across the globe.

About Integreon Global

Founded in 1990, Integreon Global is a complete packaging solutions provider dedicated to providing goods and services to maintain the integrity of our clients’ products. Our team includes a full complement of engineers, designers, and manufacturing specialists with the collective skills, gathered in one close-knit organization, to assure easy access to leading experts.


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