Welcome to Cryopak – Pioneering Sustainable Cold Chain Packaging!

At Cryopak, we believe in shaping a future where sustainability meets innovation. Our commitment to the environment is not just a promise; it’s a revolution. In this page you will find out about why we choose the materials we use, and how to reuse and recycle them, actions that define the ethos of our products.
We affirm our dedication to a circular economy, where materials find new life through both reusing and recycling processes. It’s about minimizing waste, maximizing efficiency, and treading lightly on our planet.
Recycling/Reusing Guidelines
  1. Carefully separate the outer film from the natural fiber pad.
  2. The outer film, categorized as #4 plastic, can be recycled where facilities for this type of plastic are available.
  3. Options for the natural fiber pad:
  • Disposal: Place it in regular trash. It is designed to biodegrade in standard landfill conditions within a year.
  • Recycling: If your local recycling program accepts cloth or fabric, you can include the natural fiber pad in this category.
  • Reuse: The pad can be repurposed for various craft projects, such as making pillows or seat cushions, or in gardening as a weed barrier, among other practical uses.
Instructions to recycle
Remove trays of PCM5 panels from outer box. Freeze at -20°C for at least 48 hours. Remove from freezer and store in refrigerator between 2-5°C for 24 hours. Place inner payload box into outer box. Place 1 tray of 4 PCM5 panels on each side of the box lengthwise. Place 1 tray on top on inner payload box and seal.

Cryo Box S70 Instructions for Reuse

Cryo Box S70 Instructions for Reuse
Instructions to recycle:
Use an EPS recycling channel to dispose of the EPS and EPS components.

Cryo Box S70 Instructions for Reuse

Why this material?
We integrate Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) into our products, ensuring superior insulation and protection during the cold chain process. EPS is not only lightweight and durable but also recyclable, aligning with our commitment to environmental responsibility.
Instructions to Recycle:
Put them in a cardboard recycling bin as flat as possible. Remove all the content inside the cardboard like EPS panels.

Paper disposal procedure Paper recycle procedure[/caption]

Why this material?
Our commitment to sustainability extends to our packaging materials. Choose from our eco-friendly paper-based solutions, carefully sourced and designed to reduce environmental impact while maintaining the highest standards of quality and functionality.
Instructions to recycle 
Open the gel-pack using scissors and dispose of the content into a sink . Suggested to do so while running the water. Collect the plastic bag and dispose of it in a plastic recycling bin.

Plastic dispose website copy Plastic recycle procedure[/caption]

Why this material?
We understand the importance of responsible plastic use. Our  approach ensures that plastics in our products are either recycled or can be easily recycled, minimizing their impact on the environment. Our gels are made out of PCM. These innovative materials not only enhance the performance of our packaging but also contribute to energy efficiency, promoting a greener and more sustainable cold chain.
Why this material?
Our products feature Polyurethane (PUR), a versatile material known for its durability and reusability. By incorporating PUR, we extend the lifecycle of our packaging solutions, reducing the need for constant replacements.
Please note!
Be sure to follow and respect your local area’s guidelines on recycling and their recycling services available near you.