Cryopak is building on its successful large shipper series of pallet shippers and transporters by introducing the CryoArc brand.

In addition to the existing EPS Pallet Shipper and EPS Pallet Transporter, the CryoArc line has expanded to include the:

* CryoArc Pallet Shipper Lite
* CryoArc PU Pallet Shipper PLUS PIR
* CryoArc PU Pallet Transporter

These systems have been designed with one goal in mind – transporting products requiring temperature control packaging for up to 120 hours in a 2-8°C temperature range (other durations and temperature ranges available). These bulk pallet and shipping systems have been pre-qualified against some of the toughest industry standards to ensure high performance when shipping bulk temperature-sensitive materials.

The advancement in this product line is just one of the many innovations that Cryopak plans to apply as the company continues to grow its large shipper business. Since sustainability is such an important topic additional options include a rental program for certain units.

CryoArc logo