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Ice-Pak™ Brick foam bricks have a freezing/melting point of 0°C and offer superior thermal performance when transporting temperature-sensitive products. They feature a consistent, uniform structure that is maintained even after freezing. Vacuum-sealed in durable film, these bricks are ideal for defined and precise packaging configurations.

Item # Description Size W x L (in) Thickness (in) Unit Weight (oz) Pieces/Case Cases/Pallet
FBRK0000218oz Ice-Pak Brick5.50 x 8.250.7518.003250
FBRK0000132oz Ice-Pak Brick4.00 x 9.01.5031.001850

Ice-Pak™ bottles are filled with our premium water-based, non-toxic Perma-Gel. With a freezing/melting point of 0°C, these packs are used to transport temperature- sensitive items safely and more efficiently than ice. The durable HDPE plastic makes them reusable and provides excellent protection in cold chain applications.

Item # Description Size W x L (in) Thickness (in) Unit Weight (oz) Pieces/Case Cases/Pallet
FIP88162Ice-Pak IP-0503.00 x
FIP88016Ice-Pak IP-1004.00 x 7.00 1.5016.002470
FIP88028Ice-Pak IP-1012.75 x
FIP88039Ice-Pak IP-2005.75 x 7.501.5032.002436
FIP88046Ice-Pak IP-2508.00 x 8.001.75 44.00 1836
FIP88061Ice-Pak IP-400 8.00 x 10.501.7556.001240
FIP88066Ice-Pak IP-5006.75 x 9.501.4044.001550
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