How to Reuse Cryo-Box S70

Remove trays of PCM5 panels from outer box. Freeze at -20°C for at least 48 hours. Remove from freezer and store in refrigerator between 2-5°C for 24 hours. Place inner payload box into outer box. Place 1 tray of 4 PCM5 panels on each side of the box lengthwise. Place 1 tray on top on inner payload box and seal.
Cryo Box S70 Instructions for Reuse

EPS Panels

Use an EPS recycling channel to dispose of the EPS and EPS components.
EPS dispose website


Put them in a cardboard recycling bin as flat as possible. Remove all the content inside the cardboard like EPS panels.
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Open the gel-pack using scissors and dispose of the content into a sink . Suggested to do so while running the water. Collect the plastic bag and dispose of it in a plastic recycling bin.
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Please note!

Be sure to follow and respect your local area’s guidelines on recycling and their recycling services available near you.