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Introducing the CryoArc brand of Pallet Shippers and Transporters

Cryopak is building on its successful large shipper series of pallet shippers and transporters by introducing the CryoArc brand. In addition to the existing EPS Pallet Shipper and EPS Pallet Transporter, the CryoArc line has expanded to include the: * CryoArc Pallet Shipper Lite * CryoArc PU Pallet Shipper PLUS PIR * CryoArc PU Pallet Transporter These systems have been designed with one goal in mind – transporting products requiring temperature control packaging for up to 120 hours in a 2-8°C temperature range (other durations and temperature ranges available). These bulk pallet and shipping systems have been pre-qualified against some ofRead More

December 2, 2021|

Cryopak – Winner of the 2021 Asia Pacific Vaccine Excellence Awards for “Vaccine Excellence in Temperature Control Packaging”

Cryopak is proud to be announced as the winner of the 2021 Asia Pacific Vaccine Excellence Awards for "Vaccine Excellence in Temperature Control Packaging". When the COVID-19 vaccine was introduced, we knew we had an important part to play in ensuring that this vital medicine would reach people all over the world safely and effectively. We are proud that our efforts have helped keep others safe and healthy in the wake of the pandemic. We would like to thank AVEA for this honor, and all the world leading pharmaceutical companies, countries, and government agencies we worked with to make thisRead More

November 23, 2021|

Conditioning (Freezing) Services – Q&A with William Boulay

Cryopak, a leader in temperature control packaging and temperature monitoring devices offers freezing conditioning services from its Maromme, France location. We sat down with the General Manager of the Cryopak Maromme location, William Boulay, to gain insight into this topic in something we call: "Q&A With William Boulay". Cryopak - William, could you tell us more about conditioning, why someone would be interested in this, and what some of the issues are? WB – Conditioning, simply stated, is a service that we provide which consists of the freezing of large volumes of refrigerants or a customer’s products for a definedRead More

October 8, 2021|

Cybersecurity – Everyone’s Responsibility

To mark Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Cryopak dives into the importance of being digitally secure in the cold chain industry. The cold chain industry is one that incorporates several different processes, from manufacturing to logistics. All of these use the latest technological systems to ensure the best quality and service for its customers. But what if that technology is threatened in some way? In this article, we discuss why the issue of cybersecurity is important to the cold chain and what can be done to make sure that a system is able to defend a company’s technology. Why Cybersecurity Matters inRead More

October 5, 2021|

Cryopak Montréal 2021 : Expansion & Automatisation

Cryopak, un leader dans les emballages de contrôle de la température et les enregistreuses de surveillance de la température, a étendu ses opérations à Montréal.   Montréal, Canada – Cryopak Industries, une division d'Integreon Global, agrandit son emplacement à Montréal cette année. Ce nouvel ajout, qui donne à l'installation un total de 170 000 pieds carrés d'espace, s'appuie sur une expansion précédente en 2015, qui a fait passer l'espace de 30 000 pieds carrés à 100 000 pieds carrés. Cette expansion, associée à l'optimisation de l'espace, a augmenté la capacité de l'entrepôt d'environ 140 %. En tant que site quiRead More

October 1, 2021|

Cryopak Montreal 2021: Expansion & Automation

Cryopak, a leader in temperature control packaging and temperature monitoring devices has expanded it Montreal operations.   Montreal, Canada – Cryopak Industries, a division of Integreon Global, is expanding its Montreal location this year. This new addition, which gives the facility a total of 170,000 square feet of space, builds on a previous expansion in 2015, which took the space from 30,000 square feet to 100,000 square feet. This expansion, along with space optimization, has increased warehouse capacity by around 140%. As a site that primarily supports food and pharmaceutical industries, the growth of the Montreal location goes beyond facilityRead More

October 1, 2021|
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